Asteroid Crusher

Ce jeu n’est plus en téléchargement sur l’App Store !

Je n’ai pas d’autres projets iOs pour le moment…mais je suis un cours Swift donc peut-être que de nouveaux projets arriveront l’année prochaine.

Asteroid Crusher


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The Game

Asteroid Crusher is a very light and fast game with a nice and pure design. You have to avoid the asteroids which come from the left of the screen in order to make the highest score.


  • screenshot asteroid crusher 1
  • screenshot asteroid crusher 2
  • screenshot asteroid crusher 3
  • screenshot asteroid crusher 4


  •  1.3

    •  iphone 4 compatibility
    •  change of the background when playing
    •  change of the asteroids colors
    •  add of  an intermediate level
    •  change of the bonus button design
    •  change of the icon
    •  credits page is now high def

  • 1.2

    •  new sound for change of level
    •  add highscore on the homescreen

  • 1.1

    •  resolve the bonus bug
    •  change of the colors of the spawned asteroids

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